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Welcome to New York!

Welcome to Big Small Puppet Theater!

Big Small Puppet Theater presents the play

“New York, I … you”

New York, we love you after all.

A large, complex, multifaceted city with all possible colors and shades, where very different people from all corners of the planet live. And everyone is united by one space called New York.

Skyscrapers or one-story houses, beaches or avenues of Manhattan, Brighton or Harlem – all this is captured in hundreds of films. Every day here is special, at the same time built on rules and traditions. We will try to recreate the culture and atmosphere of the city in the performance.

A performance of 17 scenes, 37 characters, a complete collection of feelings, disappointments, depressions, ups and downs. True stories from the life of New York…

Our heroes have their own relationship with the city, just like each of its residents has their own story. New York itself is very dependent on human and natural elements, and is engaged to the ocean, which we will definitely hear in the play…

In the meantime, there is an ocean of ideas, thoughts and experiments, and a great desire to realize it all.

Thanks to the New Yorkers who inspired us.

Special Thanks to Max & Tatiana Pokrovsky

We invite you to work together!